Regulation 3/01

Licensing of Insurance and Insurance Intermediary Activities; registration of branch and representative office of an International insurance company; procedure on obtaining preliminary consent to have significant share in insurance company statutory capital; business plan procedure for setting up, presentation and timing of insurance company, qualification and testing procedures of insurance companies’ and intermediaries’ directors & officers.

Regulation 3/02

“Limits of Main Prudential Standards of Insurance Activity, Procedure of Formation and Calculation, Criteria for Qualifying Reinsurers as not Prohibited”.

Regulation 8/03

Disclosure of information by banks, credit organizations, insurance companies, insurance brokers, investment companies, Central depository and settlement organizations involved in money transfers.

Regulation 8/04

Minimum requirements and principles for internal legal acts on Customer Complaints Handling.

Decision 197-N

Reporting Forms of Insurance Brokers, Content of Reports, Terms and Conditions of Submission.

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